Nokia Files Patent For Modular Smart Watch Design


It’s been a long time since Nokia was a house hold name. Long time technology hobbyists may remember when, oh, every phone that existed had a Nokia logo emblazoned upon it. However, like Myspace, Blackberry and other forgotten one-time luminaries, Nokia faded into Apple-lead obscurity. Don’t ever count out a major multinational conglomerate, however. It’s the little corporation that could! Nokia has quietly began making plans for a come back. Front and center for their comeback plans? Prepping and releasing an interesting new kind of smart watch, of course. Smart watch fever, continue commencing!

Finland’s favorite son(can a giant corporation be considered a son or daughter?) has just issued a patent showing where they plan on taking the smart watch game. Their grand idea? Modular design for smart watches. This means each watch will be comprised of several small, detachable screens. You can do whatever you want with these screens, sort of like high-tech building blocks. Swipe controls finish out the tech, which means you can adjust what goes where on the fly by just moving one of your beloved fingers. This definitely has a high-tech feel to it, which we always love.

The company has even created a working prototype for the device, which means this is definitely more than just idle conjecture. They’ve even come up with a name, which may or may not change in time for release. Nokia is calling it “Facet” as in, each screen is one facet of many. Or something. We just made that part up(Nokia, if you want a copywriter, hit me up.) Here’s a video of the wondrous Facet in action.