Nokia and Monster team-up to bring you the Purity HD Pro headset


nokia monster purity 1
Music is probably, by far, the most consumed work of art. We listen to it on the way to work. We listen to it at work. We listen to it after we get fired from work for not paying attention to our job. Music is an omnipresent and important part of the human experience. Where would life be without it? It’d be a whole lot quieter for one. That and Paul McCartney would be some obscure dude in England twiddling his toes to a nonexistent beat.

Nokia, famed and ancient cellular phone manufacturer, is getting hip to this music thing the kids have been talking about since the 70s(the oo70s.) The company has teamed up with Monster, who know a little bit about quality audio. The results of this burgeoning friendship? An innovative new headset named to denote the company’s virginal status in the headphone game, Purity.

The Purity HD Pro stereo headset starts by bringing Bluetooth to the party, which means true and accurate listening without the need for cumbersome wires. That’s always a plus. These snazzy ‘phones also have the option to use NFC for the purposes of noise cancellation and stereo pairing. This headset has “for audiophiles only” stamped all over it. Ok, not actually.

The battery that powers the unit will last a full 24 hours of active music playback, which is a pretty good benchmark given comparative devices. The price of all of this high-end audio power? Around $370. That puts the Purity right in line with Bluetooth-enabled competitors but, in our estimation, featuring more audiophile goodness for the buck.