The Nixon Supertide – A Watch For Surfers


nixon supertide

There are a number of great sports watches on the market for all kinds of sports. There’s watches for runners, mountain climbers, swimmers and even golfers. But there’s one sport that doesn’t get a lot of love from the sports watch world, it’s surfing. And why would you need a watch for surfing? Well, theres a number of reasons, and they’re all found in the Nixon Supertide!

The first thing to notice about the watch is it’s sleek, minimalist design. But the Nixon Supertide isn’t just a classy design, it has a number of brilliant features under the hood!

Essentially, the Supertide can calculate the rhythm of the tide in order to provide you with a perfect time to catch a wave. The goal behind it was to eliminate the need to think about things that could get in the way of what surfers really want to do…surf. While some could argue that thinking about the rhythm of the tide is all a part of surfing, others would say that surfing doesn’t begin until you’re actually riding the waves. Either way, this device certainly is impressive.

The tide information is pre-programmed for over 230 beaches, and also includes a heat timer and alarm. The casing for the device is made from stainless steel, with the ability to go up to 100m under water.

Even though the device certainly does have some great features, it also has a great design, coming in a number of different colors and styles. There should be something for every surfer!

The Nixon Supertide runs for $200, and could really help you know exactly what to do in the water before you even get to the beach! If you’re ready to take your surfing to the next level, check it out for yourself!