Nissan Inexplicably Announces Their Own Smartwatch


What do we want? Smartwatches! When do we want ’em? Now(ish!) It wasn’t so long ago, a year or three, that the very notion of watches making a comeback was laughable. After all, we had everything we needed squarely on our phones and if it wasn’t in our phone then it was most certainly on our tablet. What could a watch bring to the table? Little did people know that the wizards over there in make-stuff-ville were doing their darnedest to create a game changing watch that would do for watches what the iPhone did for phones. Now it seems like everyone and their cousin is trying the exact same thing. Just how crowded is the market about to become? Even Nissan, the car manufacturer, has their own smartwatch in the works.

It’s called the Nissan Nismo Smartwatch, and it’s intended for use in tandem with a line of Nissan sports cars which are also, coincidentally, called Nismo. What can it do? It monitors and analyzes the vehicle’s performance and lets you know, via a snappy watchface, how your expensive new toy is doing. It even monitors your own vitals, just in case driving around in such a stunning vehicle is giving you a joy-based heart attack. As an added bonus, it also tracks your social media presence(?!) It also uses Bluetooth to beam all of this pertinent information to your phone, if you are so inclined.

It’s only a working prototype for now. The Nismo Smartwatch will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Here is a video of it in all of its revving glory.