Nissan 3E is a Head-Mounted HUD Display


Eyewear displays are becoming one of the hottest trends in tech, not to mention wearable tech. Ever since a little mom and pop company called Google dropped a little something something called Glass on the world, companies the world over have been following suit. There have been devices announced by Samsung, Microsoft and, rumors indicate, even Apple. Just how deeply entrenched is the corporate desire to own the VR eyewear market? Even car manufacturers are getting in on the act. That’s right. Here is everyone’s favorite car maker Nissan with a nifty eyewear display device of their own.

Sure the company may be infinitely better known for making automobiles, but that doesn’t mean they can’t diversify. Introducing their 3E wearable HUD display gadget thingamabob. This thing slides on your eyes just like Glass but it has an entirely new feature set. Just what can it do? Well, the company hasn’t announced too much yet. However, they did recently unveil a smartwatch aimed at race car drivers that handled vehicle performance analysis, showing a driver’s vital signs and social media presence. We assume this new device would do much of the same, only present the information as a floaty hologram that only you can see. Technology. It’s awesome!

This is just a concept/prototype design for now, so don’t go traipsing down to your local Nissan dealership and demanding your own unit. We’ll let you know when there is more to report, as always. In the meantime, the company has released a promotional video.