Nintendo’s Wii Vitality Sensor still on the way – According to the company


A long time ago in this galaxy Nintendo announced the Wii Vitality Sensor for their massively successful Wii video game console. The Vitality Sensor was purported to measure your vitals and use the information in a range of unannounced software applications. The product never materialized, leading some to presume it had been put down. Not so, says the company.

The company’s president Satoru Iwata says the Vitality Sensor is still coming but the hardware has run into some problems being useful to everybody that uses it. Until the hardware is able to be useful to 99 percent of users, he says, then it will not be released. No word on when the company will iron the kinks out and it will see the light of day. I want to play a Resident Evil game that tracks my heart rate! Don’t you?

Until then, you’l have to make do with vitals monitors that don’t attach to popular video game consoles. Sigh.