Nike Unveils Nifty Hologram to Promote New Brand of Shoes


Sure, holograms haven’t quite taken over the world like many great works of science fiction have predicted they would. That doesn’t mean they aren’t cool, however. After all, where would the world be without hologram Tupac or, uh, some other famous hologram? OK, so Tupac might be the only one but that only means that he will innovate in death just as he innovated in life. In other words, the hologram push is upon us. First up to bat? Everyone’s favorite sneaker manufacturer, Nike, is going to just do it by adding a hologram sneaker to their repertoire.

Wait, a hologram sneaker? Won’t that just give the illusion of wearing a sneaker, thus allowing your poor, naked feet to be assailed by mother nature and her nefarious elements? Yeah, sure. However, Nike’s holographic sneaker or more or less just a publicity stunt. They have installed it on the streets of  Amsterdam so passersbys can exhibit an audible gasp of awe and then reach for their smartphones in order to take a picture. Either that or they’ll just think they invented the whole thing because they are mega-stoned. When in Amsterdam, after all.

The whole thing is in service of Nike’s new Free 5.0 line of sneakers, which are apparently so light and airy it is like you are not wearing a shoe at all. Which brings the whole thing back to, you guessed it, the hologram. Still, as viral marketing goes this one is pretty darned cool. Now get to work on those self-lacing sneakers like in Back to the Future guys! 2015 is almost here.