Nike+ SportWatch GPS data used as actual bona-fide art


Need any more proof that Nike+ is cool? The GPS data pulled from your Nike+ SportWatch system has now been turned into art. Interactive media collective YesYesNo are to blame for the artistic hoo-hawing. The collective pulled data straight from Nike’s servers and began collating them into patterns.

Best of all? The art is individualized. You see, the collective did one runner at a time. They pulled all of their data, distance, speed, where they went etc. Then they transformed the data into an image like the one shown above. Each user of the system has their own unique art.

The collective is far from commercialization, but it’s a still a cool concept that could reap dividends for them down the line. I’d buy a poster of mine, anyways. Although I have a feeling sitting on a couch all day and watching The West Wing doesn’t make for great art.