Nike and Sony Team Up For Bizarre PS4 Sneakers


First there was a man named Michael Jordan. He did pretty well for himself throwing big orange balls into mesh hoops and going into space with popular cartoon characters. Then, of course, came a whole bunch of shoes endorsed by Mr. Jordan. The uber-popular Air Jordans were the defacto leader of basketball shoes throughout the 1990s and, well, up until today. Speaking of today, Nike and Sony just teamed up to create a PS4-branded pair of the popular Air Jordan line. How is this wearable tech news? Well, they pumped the sneakers filled with HDMI ports, for no discernible reason. Yay!

These all black custom Air Jordans, a joint development between Sony’s PlayStation brand and Nike, feature the vowel-hating name of JRDN 4 X PS4. Be cool guys. Vowels aren’t that bad. There’s one vowel they are into, however. The “I” at the end of HDMI. Each sneaker has one packed into the back end. There has been no functionality announced for the sneakers that would actually necessitate the use of an HDMI cord, however. Maybe you can dunk on your massive big screen HDTV or something.

These are limited edition sneakers, meaning only 10 pairs are being made so you had better snatch one up fast if you want to be the first kid on your block tripping over a clunky HDMI cord. Oh yeah. One more thing. One pair is expected to cost around $950 or approximately the price of 150 HDMI cords (40 if you are buying them at Radio Shack. Burn.)