Nike Readies Launch of FuelBand SE Silver Edition


The days might be short, dreary and horribly gross right now, but that won’t last forever. Well, so they say. In any event, that probably won’t last forever and assuming it doesn’t you are gonna want to prepare for Spring and then, eventually, Summer. But how does one prepare for these much more temperate seasons? By exercising of course! However, getting out there and actually exercising in this weather is no easy task. There is so much stew to eat and so many TV shows to obsessively watch. Luckily, there is tons of wearable tech out there to help us whip our sorry butts into shape. Nike, for instance, has made quite a mark with their wearables. Now the company is back with yet another way for you to, uh, just do it.

Nike is preparing for the launch of the FuelBand SE. The SE line has been massively successful for Nike and this Silver Edition is no exception. This FuelBand is similar to previous models in the line with some notable exceptions. First of all is aesthetics. This SE is shinier and glossier than any other FuelBand, and we all know that a good looking wrist is a happy wrist. There’s a snazzy silver plate on the clip, and a host of other minor aesthetic adjustments. Other than that, this FuelBand works similarly to other models. It tracks all of your bleeding, sweating and tearing.

The company has stated this new FuelBand will launch on January 19th, which is in a week or so. You had better get on that! It’ll set you back around $169.