Nike Fuelband SE Now On Sale November 21 in Rose Gold


fuelband gold

Do you like the idea of the Nike Fuelband but wish it was a little more bling? Well Nike has just released the device for you. The Nike Fuelband SE in Rose Gold, bringing all the features of the Nike Fuelband in a classy gold color. The Nike Fuelband series has proved to be a big hit since it was first introduced, but it certainly is not for everyone. It seems that Nike is looking to expand their audience by starting offer new colors and looks, even though they are only available in limited quantities!

The Fuelband SE, which is a replacement for Nikes older Fuelband, is a fitness device that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and brings a new look to the Fuelband line while still retaining a sense of classiness. It gives wearers the ability to track their health and fitness with the Fuelband app, which is currently only available on iOS.

The Nike Fuelband SE allows users to to fine tune their workout routines and set goals for themselves. If those goals are reached the app notifies the user. It is also able to tell the user what they need to do to reach their goal and how far they have to go before that goal is reached.

This new color of Fuelband SE – Rose Gold – is a little pricier than the older version, costing $169, or $20 more than the standard Fuelband SE. If this seems like it could be the device for you, you should make sure to get it quick, as Nike has stated that it will be available in limited quantities. The device will be available on November 21, and will give users that great Nike Fuelband experience in a sexy gold color!