Nike+ FuelBand jogs back into your heart with a useful new iOS app


Nike and their Nike+ FuelBand technology can certainly help get you into shape. You can even hack it so you don’t have to get in shape if being a couch potato is your bag of, um, chips. There were a few things that this handy device couldn’t do, though. For instance, it’s affiliated iOS app was paltry at best and nothing gets people’s runner shorts in a bunch more than undercooked iPhone apps. Well all of you budding Carl Lewises(Lewisii?) out there can sleep easy tonight. A new app just launched for the device and its quite a doozy.

First of all, the company has added Path technology to the update. This means you can now effortlessly keep track of all of the cool stuff you ran, walked or biked past during your work out. You can also share this stuff on the fly via text or any social network. Sharing is caring, after all. The update now also enables background syncing, which means you now have the ability to check battery status, offline data access and setting the time all while you are running. Running out of batteries during a run is a major drag and might be all the push you need to pull in to the nearest Jack in the Box for a double with cheese.

There are also a bunch of cool charts and graphs that chronicle your fitness history with the device and lots of other minor bells and whistles like that. The update is free but the hardware isn’t. What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!