Nike+ Fuelband hack lets you use Twitter to enjoy the device without actually moving a muscle


Exercise. It can be a sweaty, awful mess. Who has the time?! Who has the energy?! Who has the properly functioning spinal muscles? Us lazy coach potatoes can use just about any device we want anyways from the comfort of our own homes. Tablets, portable video game systems, weird razors. There is one whole genre of gadget that is off limits to the lazy though. The vitals monitoring, Smartphone-communicating exercise band. That is, they used to be off limits. Now, thanks to an amusing hack, we can cheat. God bless the infirm!

This hack turns the Nike+ FuelBand into your own personal plaything, without all of that unsightly calorie burning. TweetFuel is the name of the heck and it circumvents some of the internal programming of the FuelBand to allow you to trick it into thinking you are working out when you are really just working Twitter. All it takes is a bit of creative Tweeting and some slight programming. When it’s set, whenever the attached Twitter account is mentioned the FuelBand will shake and shiver as if its actually being used. Congrats! You have tricked a piece of technology to do your bidding while ignoring the most potent technology of all, your frail body.

This hack was created by an interactive/ad agency called Stinkdigital, probably to give them some PR. We seem to have fallen into that trap, but oh well, it’s still pretty cool. Exercising stinks anyways. Right? Right?

Want to see a video of the lethargic hack in action? Check right here.