Nike+ FuelBand goes in for gaming with NikeFuel Missions


The world of fitness trackers is a varied one indeed. We already have trackers that keep us abreast of what our heart is up to, how many calories we are burning and even what kind of mood we are in. What’s next? Trying to make exercise more, well, exciting. Sure all of those stats, charts and graphs are nice but where is the fun?! We demand the fun! Luckily, Nike agrees with us and are working overtime to turn exercising into something that more resembles a video game. Yes!

Nike+ and its accompanying FuelBand technology is already rather ubiquitous. The company is planning to get it into even more homes, however, with a little something they like to call NikeFuel Missions. These, well, missions are tasks you complete as you exercise throughout the day. Think of them as their own little video game worlds that only your sweat and tears can beat. This virtual game is, in their words, the ”the first game powered by your everyday movement.” You complete levels by collecting activity points, which you accrue by exercising. It’s a win/win.

The game, which allows players to explore a wintry hellscape, is already in its earliest stages. You can check the video below to get a bead on what it is like and if it seems like something up your alley. In the meantime, Nike is already getting a jump on their competition, which includes Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii Fit U and Jawbone’s Up. We’ll let you know how this game plays once we give it a shot!