Nike Fuelband Gets New Features on November 6th


Nike and their wondrous Fuelband technology pretty much invented this whole heart-rate tracking, exercise shaming, smartphone connecting, smart armband thing. Before the Fuelband, there were a few companies making inroads on that kind of tech, but after Fuelband it seems everybody and their over-exercised grandmother is trying to get in on the game. Why, just one search on this site and you can see the massive number of posts we make on various wristbands, bracelets and armbands. So, it pleases us, then, to announce that the originator is back with some pretty cool features set to debut as early as next week. Go Nike, the little company that could!

So what’s up with this Fuelband update? It all comes in a firmware update, which works for current users as well as new buyers. First of all, this firmware update brings updated fitness algorithms to the table, which will make getting accurate readouts easier than ever before. It also adds the ability to double tap right on the armband for a variety of options, including time and sessions support. There will also now be extended support for Bluetooth, which means easier ways to communicate with your phone and other devices. Let’s hear it for the forward march of technology.

Current users will be able to snag this firmware on November 7th, just in time for winter(which everyone knows is prime jogging season.) On that same date, new owners will be able to buy Fuelbands that come pre-packed with the firmware so everyone will be on even footing.