Nike+ FuelBand App for iOS adds Robust Social Element


fuelband-1Even on nice days, it certainly is hard to muster up the get-up-and-go that is necessary in order to complete a workout routine. Perhaps some human beings just aren’t equipped to do this kind of thing of their own accord, when their only reward is self satisfaction. We are social animals, after all. Humans need not only self satisfaction, but the satisfaction of peers as well. In short, we like to make other people jealous. Thankfully, Nike and their Nike+ FuelBand app are on top of this, adding a robust social offering designed to make others jealous in the best way possible.

To the uninitiated, Nike+ FuelBand is an armband you wear as you exercise that tracks your vitals, your distance, calories burnt and other useful odds and ends. It has always worked well with iOS devices, thanks to an intuitive and well designed associated application. Now, that app has gone social. Nike has added Nike+Friends which helps you share all of the information you track with your friends and loved ones. Make your sister seethe with jealousy at your latest speed run! Make your grandmother wish she was forty years younger at your latest training session for a marathon. The list goes on and on.

It’s just not info either. The app lets you attach photos, tag other people and even updates your GPS location so others can join you in your pursuit for physical perfection. The entire update seems to be predicated on the human lust for oneupmanship. On the surface this sounds a bit cynical, but hey, whatever gets you out of bed and onto that track is a good thing by our books.