Nike Announces Fuelband SE



Nike has been in the fitness tracking game for a while now, and have been leading the way with some of their technology. We have been covering their products ever since they first started creating wearable tech products. Well Nike has just today announced a new addition to their Fuelband line, the Fuelband SE. But will the Fuelband SE live up to the Fuelband name? Read on to find out!

While the new Fuelband SE might look similar to the older Fuelband, it is not the same device at all.

The new Fuelband SE includes a number of changes from the previous version of the Fuelband. The most important of these changes includes the ability to track your sleep by easily holding down a button for 3 seconds, after which the device enters sleep-tracking mode. When you press the button again, it stops tracking your sleep. The same steps can be taken for the device to start tracking your workout sessions, and this can include bicycling, yoga, weights, and so on.

There are a number of other new features in the 2013 version of the Fuelband SE, including Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility. This is a great addition, and while minor, will help sync better with your iPhone. Bluetooth 4.0 is also the power saving version of Bluetooth. Another addition to the Fuelband SE is an improved resitance to water. Finally, the physical appearance of the Fuelband has changed a little, and you can now choose the color that you want.

Similarly to the older Fuelband, the Fuelband SE is only compatible with iOS. Hopefully in future versions of the product we will see Android compatibility, but for now Android users will have to stick with other devices.

The Fuelband SE is set to be a prime competitor to devices like the Fitbit Force, the Jawbone Up and the Basis Band. While many of these devices might seem similar, there are slight differences in each of them. The Nike Fuelband SE is available at the Nike website, and will set you back $149. Could the new Nike Fuelband be the fitness tracker for you?