Nike and Tom Sachs team up to create NikeCraft, alien-friendly sportswear from space


Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of mega-popular shoe manufacturer Nike and famed artist Tom Sachs. Their mission? To create a new line of sportswear made from space-grade material. Also, to live long, prosper and protect the red shirts under their care. Nobody likes it when a red shirt dies.

Ok, enough of the Star Trek babble. Nike and Tom Sachs have teamed to create what just might be the ultimate line of sportswear, NikeCraft. This limited edition space-wear was made to commemorate Tom’s recent art project, which chronicles a manned mission to Mars. Nike went straight to the source when it came to finding the perfect fibers for this line, NASA.  The company boasts this line uses product that has never before been used for sportswear, instead zoning in on materials that were previously used in space exploration. On offer? Bags made from the Ortho fabric used on the outside of spacesuits, a Mars Yard shoe made from the very same fiber used in the Mars Excursion Rover and enough other goodies to make even a Vulcan smile with glee. In short, this stuff is built to last. You aren’t going to accidentally tear anything while doing a yoga stretch in these jobbies.

Pricing hasn’t been announced but it has been said that the line will go up for sale at various boutiques around the world shortly. The line will also be available for purchase at Tom’s Mars-themed gallery exhibit at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory. Be the first kid on your block to wear work out clothes that can survive the cruel vacuum of space and a smelly locker-room.