Nightro Athletic LED Shirts Let You Safely Run at Night


Running at night can be one of the peaceful ways you can get some much needed exercise. The air is crisper. It is generally cooler. The picturesque vistas are that much more, um, vista-y. However, there is one significant downside to running at night. It isn’t the safest thing to do in the world. There are these giant machines known as automobiles being driven by fallible creatures called humans who occasionally run clean over nighttime runners. Thus the world of high visibility activewear was born. However, most of these frocks have one issue or another which prevent them from gaining market superiority. This new line of high tech activewear seeks to solve those problems.

Introduing Nightro Athletic and their self-proclaimed activewear of the future. What makes this activewear so gosh darned futuristic? Well it is packed with LED lights, in addition to the usual reflective-print that populates your garden variety high viz activewear. The aforementioned LED light will light up your visage as bright as a Christmas turkey (?!) so even the laziest, least attentive driver on the road will have to pay attention to you. These shirts are also extremely breathable and, dare we say, pretty comfortable as well. Not bad for something packed with actual LEDs.

As far as when you can get your soon-to-be-sweaty little hands on one of these? They aren’t available on store shelves yet. However, if you jog on over to their Kickstarter, you can pre-order your own right now for around $56 US dollars. Go get em, tiger!