Night Communication LED glove channels Michael Jackson in a big way


Some people wear gloves to keep their hands warm. Some people wear them to handle hot, and messy, things. Others, like celebrated and sadly departed pop singer Michael Jackson, wear them so they look cool. In the ever-advancing world of wearable technology, one would think a person could do more than one of these things at once. In short, where are the super cool looking gloves that also perform a function? We have the Internet goshdarnit and we demand multitasking from our hand garments!

Well, ask and ye shall receive. A designer named Wang Lili has created his Night Communication LED glove design. This glove was designed to help you communicate with your friends when it’s dark and you’re too far away for an elegant chat. So, in that, it is extremely useful. It also manages to look really snazzy thanks to its embedded LED design, which outlines the wearer’s hands. Michael Jackson would have loved this thing! The whole thing is made from non slip silicone, complete with vents just in case your hand needs to breathe during strenuous activity. Basically, this glove has it all. Well, it doesn’t sing and dance but it has the rest of you for that.

This is just a concept design for now, but these folks give a pretty thorough tutorial on how to make your very own LED glove if you are so inclined. Now where is the technology that finally allows me to fulfill my childhood dream of being able to moonwalk correctly? Here’s to hoping it’ll come down the pike soon.