Nieuwe Heren presents the Aegis Parka to help you keep the world’s pollution at bay


Aegis Parka by Nieuwe Heren 1
The world can be a pretty dangerous place. There are factories releasing gaseous fumes into the air. There are companies dumping all kinds of horrible junk into the ocean.  There are, um, zombies running amok and members of the undead stalking us at night. Wait, never mind those last two. Point is, we could all use a little help sometimea avoiding the grosser additions to this planet. But what are we gonna do? Buy our own Popemobile and live in it 24/7 like the bubble boy? Not likely. Soon we might be able to wear some protective clothes, though.

Futurist design firm Nieuwe Heren is trying their best to keep us all safe from the various toxins infecting mother Earth. Their forthcoming Aegis Parka is the ultimate in protective outerwear. How safe does it make you? Well, it alerts you to dangers from pollution in the environment. It contains an integrated MQ-135 air pollution sensor that detects ammonia, nitrogen oxides, alcohol, benzene, smoke and carbon dioxide. If any of those are detected the parka’s integrated LED lights will light up. The deeper in toxic doodoo you are, the brighter the lights.

It’s not just an early warning system, though. The parka is also equipped with a respirator, which you can slip on when you are wading through the sewer or covered in strange gaseous fumes. It filters out nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, asbestos dust, diesel emissions, road dust and pollen. Finally, the entire thing is coated in titanium dioxide, which renders the garment resistant to dirt, bacteria and other kinds of stuff you don’t really want on your person.

The company hasn’t said when they are bringing the parka to market but they have said they are looking to charge around $300 for it. That’s not a bad price for protection from becoming the Toxic Avenger.