Nicole Scherzinger and CuteCircuit team up for a light-up Twitter dress


And here we are again in the ever-bustling world of high fashion. Dresses, and other quality frocks, are constantly innovating and adding technological components to their design. After all, if it aint new, then it, well, is old. Technology helps fashion designers get interest from the press and fans alike. So the hits keep on coming. What’s on the docket today? Oh nothing much, just a dress that tweets!

Nicole Scherzinger have teamed up with CuteCircuit to present this amazing dress that does just that, tweets. The X Factor judge set London’s Battersea Power Station aglow on Thursday when she transformed herself into a living Twitter stream. It was a publicity stunt to promote a new 4G network in Britain, but it was a mighty cool publicity stunt. The tweets were in real-time and were sourced from a variety of locations. It’s good to know this may be an actual reality someday soon for the consumer. I’d sure hate to miss out on someone else’s thoughts for the three seconds it takes me to look at a dress.

Of course, this is just a working concept design for now. Until something similar is available on store shelves, you’ll have to make due with gluing and iPad to your dress or something. Go for an iPad Mini though. They weigh less. Then one day soon we’ll all get to quite literally wear our emotions on our sleeves. Until that glorious day….