NFC Ring Lets You Open Doors and Transfer Information


Rings. They serve certain purposes from the standpoint of age old traditions. When you get engaged, or married, you wear one. When you really love your alma mater you wear one. When you, uh, want to create green objects from thin air you wear one. Rings, however, have a lot of potential in the world of wearable technology. This potential will increase exponentially once the components that make up said wearable tech continues to decrease in size and power consumption. Until that point, however, we have this. Here is a ring that uses the magic of NFC to let you do a whole bunch of cool things.

The aptly named NFC ring, designed by John McLear, stays in constant contact with NFC emitters which in turn allow you to use the ring to unlock doors, interact with your smartphone and even transmit information to people with similar rings. It’s sort of like the ring in Lord of the Rings but won’t eventually turn you into a CGI character that mutters “precious” over and over. Well, maybe it could do that. The long term effects of near field technology has yet to be studied. The ring comes with two separate inlays that offer a similar feature set, with one key difference. One keeps your information private and one is for public consumption.

The ring, which comes in titanium or steel, is not yet available for purchase. You can head on over to its Kickstarter and throw down around $27 to get your hands on one. Or your hand on one. You’d have to buy two rings to get your, plural, hands on one. Get it? Sigh. OK. Enough with the jokes. Here is a video.