Next Iteration of Google Glass to Feature Intel Processors


Google has taken so long to release the consumer model of its once idolized Glass eyewear device that the narrative has changed from “holy crap I gotta get me one of those” to “uh, whatever, yawn people that wear these are weird.” It’s their own fault, of course, because they blew a whole lot of buzz by cooling their jets for too long. Now, however, the company has announced some more information of what will entail this marvelous device were it to ever fall into the actual hands of regular consumers who stand in lines and buy stuff and all of that jazz.

The big G has unveiled that the forthcoming iteration of their augmented reality gadget will be powered by Intel processors, which is a definite upgrade from the bits and blops that currently powers the hardware. Intel will also be getting behind Glass in the promotional and sales worlds as well, pitching it to hospitals, manufacturing companies and other bigwig corporations. In other words, if all else fails, Glass will do just fine in the parts of the world that don’t light up at the very mention of new technologies(see also, the Segway.)

Of course, this leads us to the disappearing elephant in the room. When will this thing arrive? When will Google Glass’s fate actually be decided by consumers? Well, of course, the company is typically tightlipped, with some kind of vague assurances that it will be out this year.