Next Generation ATLAS Socks Keep Your Feet Comfortable All Day


Most of the time when we think of wearable technology we think of clothing that charges our phone battery, lights up, or does some other inane and impractical thing. Atlas however sees the impact of technology on clothing in an altogether different light. Rather than focusing on adding features to clothing, they’ve focuses on something that most of us would never dream of, making clothing more wearable. Their first experiment, the Apollo shirt, uses actual Nasa technology to keep the wearer warm, dry, and comfortable. That shirt raised an entire 1,430% of the target goal, or almost $400,000 more than the makers, Ministry of Supply, had been hoping. Now, the same company is working on a pair of socks that is designed to keep your feet comfortable. Like the Apollo shirt, the Atlas sock has overshot the funding goal on Kickstarter and should be available sometime in November.  Ministry of Supply also promises that should they reach $100,000 in funding, they will

ATLAS socks

So What Do They Do?

We’ve all complained of hot or sweaty feet in the summer, especially when walking all day or wearing dress shoes. The ATLAS socks are for men and are designed to combat this issue by offering real moisture wicking and heat absorbing properties that will keep your feet cool and dry.  The socks also help to absorb smell to reduce odor. Last but not least, these socks are designed to stretch and move with your feet so that rather than bunching up under and between your toes, you get supportive material that moves when you do.

How Does ATLAS Work?


Now that you know what these socks do, how do they work? And are they really worth the estimated $10 each or $20 for a pack of 2? First, Ministry of Supply started out by attempting to create the most comfortable sock possible. They studied how the foot moves, where it needs to be supported, and then designed a basic sock with compression bands around the arch to support it during movement, and cushioning pads along the bottom of the sock to help prevent foot pain in even the most uncomfortable of shoes.


Then, the company used thermal imaging to decide where the foot puts off the most heat.  There, they built in ventilation channels between the padding to allow heat to escape, even when the padding is compressed. The padding itself is made of a moisture wicking hydrophilic base that pulls away sweat and condensation so that your feet stay dry.

ATLAS 4Last but not least, the socks have carbonized coffee woven into the fibers to combat smell and keep your feet, and your shoes, smelling nice. While not a necessary addition, it’s certainly welcome if you end up having to take off your shoes in front of a new girlfriend.

So How Do I Get Them?

If you’re looking for a pair of ATLAS socks of your own, you can buy the socks from come November.  You can also check out the labs other creations include the Apollo shirt, the Aero slacks, and the Core shirt while you are at it.


Ministry of Supply offers a unique blend of practicality and high tech to create wearable technology that we can actually use. While not as glamorous as some, the designs are sure to make a splash as they do what technology was designed for, make life more comfortable.

Visit the Kickstarter page here.