Next-Gen camouflage makeup also protects you from blasts and burns


camouflage makeup 1
Aside from wearing tye-dye t-shirts at a Phish concert, snooping around in camouflage isn’t something the average person does a whole lot. Human beings tend to pick clothes that make them stand out and not the other way around. Well, you may need to rethink that strategy once you get a load of this ridiculously cool camouflage makeup that is currently being developed.

Presented at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society on Wednesday by Robert Lochhead, a professor of polymer science at the University of Southern Mississipi, this camouflage makeup was bound to turn a few heads. Or not. It may have gone unnoticed. Get it? Sigh.

Anyways, the makeup not only protects you from being seen like a bona-fide Solid Snake, it also protects you from bomb blasts and burns. You see, this makeup is fire proof. This heat-resistant makeup not only provides protection from the searing temperatures of roadside bomb blasts and other explosions but it could also protect firefighters from serious burns. Firefighters are in serious need of some new gear. Dalmations haven’t had any technical advances in ages.

The material slides on the skin like sunblock, leaving an ultra-thin coating that simply gets the job done. It’s waterproof and non-irritating to the eyes, nose and mouth. The protection afforded by this makeup won’t last forever, however. After about fifteen seconds of high temperatures the makeup itself begins to heat up, thus leaving the body open to first degree burns. Still, fifteen seconds aint nothing to sneeze at. That’s the difference between exiting a burning house in one piece and, well, not.

The makeup has passed preliminary tests and will soon begin being used by the military in the field. Don’t worry firefighter fans. The ones intended for use in the civilian world will be colorless. Firefighters in camouflage would just be strange.