Nex Band is Like a Video Game Console on Your Wrist


Video games are one of life’s greatest past-times. Forget baseball. Forget cake. Forget stalking your ex-wife on the Internet. Video games are where its at. Of course, wearable technology long ago embraced the tender arms of Mario and company. There’s the Oculus Rift VR-enabled gaming headset. There’s all kinds of gamification apps on smartwatches, Google Glass and just about every other wearable with the microchips to handle them. Now, also, there’s an awesome seeming armband that makes gaming even more relevant and intense than it was before. Uh oh. You had better call in sick to work ahead of time.

Introducing the Nex Band, the tech-heavy wristband designed from the ground up to make gaming a more pleasurable experience. This band comes packed with a revolutionary new tech the makers call “mod charms.” These charms are, well, modifiable, allowing for any number of swappable game applications. This means they can sync up with the cloud to deliver all kinds of in-game information right to your wrist. That way all you have to do is peek down as your thumbs wrestle the controller furiously. There will be no more reaching in your pocket or, heaven forbid, opening up your laptop.

These bands are available for preorder now but, beware, they won’t be shipping until sometime next year. Mighty Cast, the company behind the tech, says they hope to have them on store shelves and in consumer’s homes well be for next year’s holiday rush. So, by our guess, that sounds like October? We’ll let you know.