New York Times develops Magic Mirror, Kinect-enabled mirror that follows your bathroom activity


Mirror mirror on the wall who is the farest of them all? Well, actually, it’s you in your skivvies. The New York Times, yes that New York Times, has been developing a cool/terrifying bathroom device called the Magic Mirror. It, well, tracks your bathroom activity and lets you act accordingly. Sigh, I’m not letting one of those in my bathroom.

If you are one of the brave few who is ok having your bathroom activity monitored and commented upon by an all-knowing artificial intelligence device then here is what is in store for you. The mirror uses a hacked Kinect system to create a display/HUD that you can access via your movements. You can read news, your email and all of that stuff. The interesting part, is the system analyzes your appearance and makes suggestions accordingly. What kind of tie should you wear with that shirt? Simply ask the all-seeing Magic Mirror.

Of course, this is a hack and thereby a concept design. However, there is nothing stopping you from working on one on your own now that you know it can be done.