New wristband calls itself the “Game Changer of Wearable Technology”

ObeEnd™ VS Sports Wristbands

A Seattle based company NeuWave Technology, has launched ObeEnd, an innovative personal health device that monitors fitness and stimulates the nervous system, with the goal to reduce body weight via appetite control.

The company aims to develop safe, effective, and user-friendly healthcare devices to help improve people’s lives.NeuWave Technology integrates functional modules, like sensors, cables, and electrodes on the wristband used by ObeEnd. This distributes the operational hardware from the main unit onto the entire device, giving the main unit much more flexibility in design. Expanding the functional modules from the main unit to the wristband also gives the device a wider range of capabilities, while improving the data collection, nerve stimulation, and battery consumption efficiency.

Most modern wearable technologies focus on data collection. NeuWave Technology takes this one step further by integrating targeted neuromodulation into ObeEnd. The objective is to allow the device to target specific medical conditions, namely obesity. Precise electric stimulation of PC6 has been clinically demonstrated to reduce both gastric acid secretion and stomach peristalsis, which are factors that contribute to weight loss.[2] Thus, ObeEnd uses targeted neuromodulation with the objective to reduce these activities, and by extension, obesity.

ObeEnd is designed as a wearable treatment device that allows users to enjoy the normal day-to-day services of a fitness wristwatch, as well as the safe and effective therapies of a healthcare technology. The combination of the two properties makes ObeEnd a user-friendly and cost-effective choice for consumers. NeuWave Technology plans to launch ObeEnd in Fall of 2020.