New wearable camera to Pogo


A new wearable camera its makers says is one of the smallest around, has been launched.

PogoCam is a very tiny camera — only 1.7 inches long and weighing 0.2 ounces — smaller than a tube of lip balm.  It’s so small, you’ll barely notice it on your favorite pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. It attaches to your glasses with a small but powerful magnet. We work with several top eyewear brands to create frames with a feature called PogoTrack — a built-in track where the PogoCam attaches.

When you fill up the PogoCam with 100 photos or 6 videos, you simply connect it to the smart case which will hold 16,000 photos or about 180 thirty-second videos (or some combination of the two). While the smart case offloads all your photos and videos, it also charges your PogoCam. Basically, the smart case is your external hard drive, charger, and communicator.

Pogocam is available here for $149