New smart garments aim to light up the market


A new illuminated clothing line, Lumactive, aims to launch into the smart clothing market this year.

The first product they are releasing is a pair of suspenders, which use acrylic fur to disperse the light, and work via a small controller that clips to your waistband housing the accelerometer and processor. As you move the processor analyzes the accelerometer readings to determine what type of movement that you are doing. It then adjusts the patterns that are displayed on the outfit based on what the wearer is doing.

Founder Alex Johnson says “We chose suspenders because it stays on well when you move around a lot, your body won’t overheat like you might with a vest, and it has a distinct left and right side which accentuates the directional sensing capabilities of the electronics.”

“There is a lot of fun light up clothing already out there, but none of it is actually interactive beyond just pushing a button. Our clothing is designed to be completely interactive, and to encourage the user to move and be creative in order to create dazzling displays. It’s also very easy to use and sensitive, so you don’t have to jerk around in order to make it work.”

The company plans to release a number of different types of outfits (like vests, pants, accessories, etc.) based on their technology. Target markets include the festival community, as well as dance groups, cheerleaders, and night time bike riders.

No word yet on pricing or availability.