New iPod Business Suits from Bagir


ipod suit from bagir Good news for the music and iPod loving business men. According to a business news report on which is based on information from AFX News Limited, Marks & Spencer will sell a new range of Bagir’s iPod suits for men.

MusicStyle as Bagir named their iPod enabled suit released last year, comes complete with a strategically placed pocket for the iPod located so as not to budge.

Discrete loops to hide the earphone wires and soft-touch command controls from Eleksen on the front breast lapel complete the seamless integration of the technology.

The detachable wearable electronics guaranties for easy suit care.

The image on the left shows the ‘old’ model, we couldn’t find photos from the new line of iPod Suits the AFX News report is talking about.

We will watch out for update on availability, cost and images. Stay tuned and check back soon.