New Blade Runner film inspires wearable technology


Iconic sci fi thriller Blade Runner is in sequel mode this year, and to celebrate the release, Atari is bringing the future to 2017 with wearable tech products inspired by the film.

Atari intends to produce a range series of wearable technology products, including a limited edition Blade Runner 2049 SpeakerHat, powered by Audiowear speaker technology.The Speakerhat appears as a rather ordinary baseball cap with the Atari logo embroidered above the bill. But tucked away underneath is a high-fidelity stereo speaker system and microphone, powered by Audiowear’s next-generation hardware, with Bluetooth capabilities to link to any enabled device. Wearers will be able to stream music, make and take phone calls, and use voice control, making it perfect for gamers, skaters, sports fans, and all other active consumers. In Multiplayer Mode, multiple Speakerhat wearers will be able to listen to a single audio stream in perfect, simultaneous synchronization – so no more sharing headphones.

The new product line will go on sale to coincide with the film’s release, later in 2017.