New Apple Earbuds Rumored to Track All of Your Vitals


Rumors have long swirled as to when and if Apple would finally wade their big toe into the wearable technology pool. Analysts have speculated that the big A merely had to create their smartwatch or other wearable and instantly take over the industry, like they have many others before. However, the company itself has kept strangely mum on the subject. Conferences come and go and nary a mention of anything wearable, unless you count the iPod Nano(which we don’t, not really.) So we are proud to offer up some information as to what may be coming soon from Apple on the wearable front, earbuds that track your vitals.

It’s been a long time since Apple has offered any significant upgrade to their classic earbuds. They come with just about every product you buy, from iPod to iPhone and they are, well, decent. They have average sound quality and they are comfortable enough to wear and they are good for working out, although not as good as something wireless. Well, reports seem to indicate that Apple will soon offer up a new earbud that keeps track of your heart rate and blood pressure, which would take these buds from being “ok” for working out to being “necessary” for working out. In other words, they may be the simplest way yet to keep track of your vitals while you jog or watch Netflix or whatever.

Now, this is just a rumor so it could go either way, but the source is sound and they’ve been right before and it does make a certain kind of sense. This isn’t a full fledged dive into the wearable pool, but it most certainly is a toe dip. We’ll let you know more when we know more.