NeuroSky MindWave – Turning Your Thoughts Into Actions



You might remember a while back when we wrote about the NeuroSky Mindset, the headset that allows you to log into your computer simply using your thoughts. Well the NeuroSky Mindset has a big brother, and it’s called the NeuroSky MindWave.

The applications for this kind of technology are endless, and more applications for it are being created each day. For now you can use it for  a number of thngs, such as playing games designed for this, or controlling other aspects of your computer.

The MindWave, like it’s predecessor the Mindset, uses NeuroSky’s Brainwave technology, and uses one single sensor which is placed against the wearers forehead.  Essentially, the way it works is as follows: Your brain is constantly sending electrical signals, and these signals produce frequencies that relate to the mood that you’re in. These frequencies can be picked up and lumped together into what we call brainwaves. The NeuroSky MindWave also includes a small clip that attaches to your ear. This is a reference point for the technology, due to the fact that your body produces a lot of electrical noise that is unrelated to the signals coming from your brain.

The MindWave connects to the device you’re using via Bluetooth, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later and Windows XP or later, as well as Android and iOS. It comes with a number of apps, but there are also a number of apps available for free or for purchase from the NeuroSky online store. The MindWave itself will set you back $79.99, but will be a very interesting investment indeed.

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