NeuroSky BrainAthlete golf visor is filled with EEG sensors


The world of hat technology has hit some cool strides as of late. NeuroSky kicks it up even further with their bizarre Brain Athlete golf visor. This golf visor comes complete with a batch of EEG sensors that will measure your brain waves as you play your favorite leisurely sport. Don’t worry, it can measure your brainwaves even when you aren’t on the links also.

How is this useful? Well trainers can measure the results in real time as the information is sent into the cloud. This would be good for figuring out if you are the next Tiger Woods, be it in the golfing world or the world of seduction. Short answer, you are probably not but you can still dream!

The visor cap is available now but comes from Japan so allow for hefty shipping costs. The Brain Athlete system costs around $483. Here is a video of the visor in action.