Neuroon is a Mask That Cuts Down on Sleep Time


Sleeping, so they say, is pretty important. However, existing in the modern world is also important. These two ideas don’t always get along so well, with us modern folk working long hours and having less and less time to lay down in a comfy bed for an eight hour snooze. What can possibly be done? Well, we can become robots that never sleep until we go mad and die(this occurs in around six days.) We can also hold out hope for some kind of wearable tech device that eliminates the need for so many hours of sleep. I mean, any extra hours we can get back in a day could be great. Don’t nap now. This is happening.

Introducing the Neuroon, a sleepmask that purports to cut down how many hours of sleep you need in a night. How in the heck does it do that? Well, it is at the cutting edge of a new kind of sleep science, which measures polyphasic sleep. The theory is that if you can manipulate the brain into falling into this more nurturing type of sleep for longer periods of time, then you an get by on less(sometimes as much as half.) That’s what this sleepmask does. It measures your biological signals, including: brain waves (EEG – electroencephalography), muscle tension (EMG – electromyography) and eye movements (EOG – electrooculography). The mask eventually learns when to wake you up, maximizing the amount of useful sleep you have gotten. This, eventually, leads to having more time than you know what to do with.

Of course, this is some snazzy tech and the long term effects haven’t exactly been studied. Still, if you are interested in this kind of thing head on over to their Kickstarter and push the alarm down for $225 and be one of the first people on your block with so much free time that you can make tons of cool improvements to said block.