Neurocam – The Mind Reading Camera



There are a number of mind reading headsets on the market, most of them in the field of gaming. A lot of research is gone into new technology and the ways that it could affect our lives. There are also a number of camera devices that are popping up, which have the goal of logging our lives. But what if these two devices were combined? What that’s exactly what the Neurocam aims to do.

The Neurocam, by Nerurowear, is a new device that takes a snapshot of anything that the wearer finds interesting. Many wearable cameras take so much footage that much of it ends up being boring. The goal of the Neurocam is to eliminate that problem. Like most other devices based on neurotechnology, the Neurocam basically uses senses that can detect the level of electric activity in the wearer’s brain. This information can then be used to trigger a photograph being taken.

The Neurocam take this as stepfather and assigned the level of interest in the wearer’s brain a number between 1 and 100. Whenever the level of interest rises above 60, five seconds of footage is recorded. The wearer can also trigger footage to be recorded manually, which would come in handy when the wearer wants to record something that may be a interest to someone else.

Currently the device is still in its prototype phase, and it’s currently a little bulky. When it’s released a good expect to see you much sleeker version and one that can be used for more than just taking footage of your everyday life. Not only that but in its current prototype form the device uses as an integrated iPhone as its storage medium. We should expect to see the change in the final version and hopefully we’ll see Android compatibility as well.