Netflix Teams With Fitbit to Tell When You Fall Asleep During Movies


We all watch Netflix way too much than we probably should, given the relative health merits of sitting on one’s couch for ten hours a day(spoiler: there is very little.) However, what are we going to do, stop watching marathons of our favorite shows for weeks on end? Heck no. Maybe we just need some wearable technology that helps us use the streaming film and television service a little better. Don’t worry. The company knows this and is on top of it. They’ve been experimenting with some new technologies that will keep us watching even longer! Yay!

Netflix has teamed up with Fitbit, who you may remember from a billion posts on this blog, to create a vitals monitoring technology that keeps an eye on your sleep schedule. If you fall asleep during a movie, for instance, the service will keep track of that and start back up at the moment you fell asleep the next time you boot it up. Pretty cool right? They are also working on a technology that beams programs between devices just by the devices bumping against one another. This is perfect if you are trying to show your friend that one scene in House of Cards in which Kevin Spacey talks to the camera.

When will this technology see the light of day? Perhaps not for a while. All of this is heavy in the R&D phase so don’t go expecting any emails about it from Netflix anytime soon. However, do expect some emails from Netflix asking how you liked that post-apocalyptic Ruter Hauer movie where he plays football with dog skulls(or something.)