Neptune Pine – Leading the Way In SmartWatch Technology



SmartWatches are taking the world by storm, but many of them seem to have the same kinds of features, and almost all of them seem to simply be smartphone accessories. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but many people are expecting watches to start coming out that can act as standalone devices. A few of these devices have been coming out but so far the competition is pretty limited. There’s one product on the market that aims to change that, and it’s leading the way in smartwatch technology. It’s called the Pine and it’s by a company called Neptune.

Essentially, the Neptune Pine aims to be a smartphone replacement, and it certainly is capable of doing that. In fact it really is one of the first devices that can do that. All you really need is a micro-SIM card, which can slot directly into the watch, and you are set to make and take calls on your watch. The device acts like a smartphone in many other ways too – it can play music and videos, and includes a headphone jack. It can even take photos, and includes both a front and rear facing camera. Of course in order to use the rear facing camera you’ll have to take the device off your wrist, which is a little inconvenient.

Under the hood the device is just as smart. It includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon S-4 dual core processor, which is a very impressive processor indeed. This kind of a processor is more than enough for browsing the web, and even playing games, and exceeds the processing capabilities of many smartphone. It is also great because of the fact that this watch is an Android device, and therefor will have access to many apps. The watch also has a range of connectivity options being able to connect to 3G and GSM. It can also connect to WiFi, Bluetooth 4, and GPS. The Neptune Pine also includes the ability to use voice recognition, which adds another layer of convenience.

Overall, the Neptune Pine is expected to be a game changer, much like the iWatch. The Neptune Pine hasn’t been released yet, but it is expected in the next couple of months. One thing is for sure – you should definitely keep your eyes open for the device, cause it’s sure to be a big deal when it comes out! You can reserve your own now on the Neptune Pine website.

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