Neptune Announces Bizarre Wristworn Computer Thingamajig


It’s a sign that wearable technology is becoming more mainstream that, you know, most announcements of new products are companies trying to play catch up with pre-existing products. Heck, you could even argue a case that the esteemed, and forthcoming, Apple Watch doesn’t bring anything too, too new to the table (besides that $17,000 price tag for the gold one.) So it always makes us smile when a company unveils something kind of bonkers. It keeps us on our toes and reminds that, yes, not everything in life has to be a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

Neptune, a company that is no stranger to the pages of this here blog, have just unveiled something they are calling the Neptune Hub. The Hub is a ridiculously featured wristworn computer that seems like it belongs in the pages of Iron Man and not on real life wrists. What can it do? Well, it’s being billed as a singular way to replace all of the gadgets in your life, from laptop to phone to set-top box and beyond. However, it does this in an interesting way, as it actually comes with a variety of screens that serve these functions. It’s just that each of these standalone screens connect to the main, uh, hub that you wear on your wrist. This could be an innovative way to ensure total and absolute connectivity between your devices.

The Neptune Hub isn’t out yet. The company has taken to popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo in order to drum up some finishing funds. You can pre-order your own set, if this is your bag, for around $600 with the final retail price settling in at around $900. Here is a video on how the whole thing works.