Neoh is the World’s First Smart 3D Audio Headphones


One of the best parts of going to the movies, besides spending your life savings and still being forced to watch an array of Pepsi commercials, is experiencing cinema style 3D audio. They have professionally placed speakers throughout the room that makes you feel like, well, you are actually there. This is what makes scary movies so scary and superhero movies so, uh, heroic. In order to recreate this at home you are going to need a bigwig surround sound system, which can set you back a pretty penny. There is now another option, however. Here are a pair of smart headphones that can replicate the cinema experience right over your earlobes.

It’s the first wearable home theater system, which uses a series of advanced drivers to simulate the experience of having actual speakers spread around the room. They claim to last 18 hours on one charge, which is around 12 regular movies or 4 Peter Jackson movies. This is the perfect way to get the ‘cinema experience’ right from your iPad or other tablet device. Complete the experience by making bad microwave popcorn and eating so much that you feel sick to your stomach.

Neoh headphones aren’t available in stores, or cinemas, as of yet. You’ll have to slip on over to their Kickstarter page and plunk down some monies to pre-order your very own pair. You’ll be able to get one for around $179-$199 depending on how quickly you get on this. In the meantime, you can always just have your friends re-enact films behind you as you watch the actual thing on your tv screen. Cool? Cool!