Necklace Projectors Could Be the Next Big Wearable Technology Thing


Tech necklace
Once upon a time, necklaces were just, well, necklaces. They were used to give a spot of sheen and gloss to an otherwise boring old neck, or to indicate your financial status, or whatever else people wear jewelry for(religious notifications, etc.) However, with the recent and fantastical uptick in wearable technology, it was only a matter of time before even the humble necklace was transformed before its mighty and all-encompassing gaze. Well, it looks like that time is coming quicker than we had even anticipated. Here is a new use for necklaces that is pretty darned tech-forward, and could just signal the beginning of a brand new industry.

Intoducing the not so humble Necklace projector. What the heck is a necklace projector? Well, it’s exactly as the name suggests. It’s a necklace that projects images or video. The content streams right out of the necklace to whatever surface is standing in front of it(even air, if necessary.) This sounds simple enough, but in actuality uses some new technology. Want to read your texts or emails? Simply hold your hand in front of the necklace and the info will be streamed right there on to your digits. This technology could very well compete with the kind of tech that is found in smart watches, as it interacts with your smartphone in similar ways.

As far when you’ll be able to wear one of these bad boys? It’s gonna be a while. The first prototype model is set to be unveiled at Toronto’s annual computer-human interaction conference this April. We’ll let you know how it goes.