Neck Collar Transforms Your Voice Into A Robots



Ever since the invention of the first robots us humans have been trying to make the robots ore human-like. But what if we turned it around and tried to make ourselves more robot-like? That’s exactly what this new invention is doing. It’s called The Human Speaker and it’s by a designer called Nic Wallenberg.

The Human Speaker is an electrical collar that essentially allows the wearer to vocalize electronic sounds. And you don’t even have to use your vocal box!

Essentially, the human voice works by producing vibrations that come from the voice box, which then go through the throat to the mouth. Instead of the voice box, the Human Speaker is what produces the vibrations in this invention, which means that the device produces the pitch and duration of the pitch. Because of the fact that humans manipulate the sound with the mouth to produce words and syllables, the same can be done with the Human Speaker and different syllables can be formed. The device can even produce two pitches at once!

This two pitch limit can even be bypassed by using more than one collar, and you could produce even more pitches than that, giving a very interesting effect! Instead of singing with one or two pitches the wearer could create a full chord.

Devices like this could actually be very helpful, medically speaking. It could provide a way for people to communicate when they have problems with their vocal chords and voice box, and could potentially allow for people who are mute to even talk! Of course the device would have to modified to provide a speaking voice rather than a singing voice, but the idea remains the same.