Navigo Smartwatch Doubles as a Virtual Compass


It is becoming readily apparent that the future of wearable technology, and technology in general, rests in what we used to call just the watch. Now we’ve added smart to the name and, well, the sky is certainly the limit. Every day there is a new one about to hit the market that do all kinds of amazing and interesting things. It all started with Pebble’s fantastically lucrative Kickstarter and since then everything has been coming up smartwatch. Today we have another one for you, but with a twist. This particular smartwatch can do something the other ones can’t do(yet.)

Introducing the Navigo smartwatch, the watch that doubles as a virtual compass. It works in tandem with your phone’s GPS and navigation capabilities to become a virtual compass. You simply pick somewhere you want to go on your phone and your watch will point an arrow right to it. This could be extremely useful if you are ever lost in the woods and being hunted by hungry wolves, Liam Neeson style. It works via vibration and LED layout so you’ll never ever get lost again. Well, OK maybe you’ll get lost again. Hey, finding stuff is hard!

The Navigo is only a working prototype for now. What else is new? Like most of the promising smartwatches we profile, it will occupy some real estate on your wrist at some point in the nearish future. We’ll let you know when you can go out and snag one.