NASA designs exoskeleton to help astronauts walk in space


R Kelly once eloquently stated “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.” What Mr. Kelly neglected to explain was what he was going to do once he got up there. You see, space is a tricky place to walk around in. Something about not having any gravity and no way for people to hear you scream. When will science finally make us a better spacesuit so we can walk around in space like we are walking around fifth avenue? The answer? Pretty soon. Go science!

Those friendly goons over at NASA are on top of it. They have just unveiled a new exoskeleton  exclusively designed for astronauts called the XI. The 57-pound device is designed to help astronauts exercise mor effectively, an essential component of living in space that helps to maintain muscle and bone strength for the eventual trip back to Earth’s gravity environment. The XI was designed in conjunction with the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC.)

Of course, you can’t run out and get this at your local hardware store. Us humans will have to deal with our regular ole inside skeletons. Luckily, the Earth’s gravity is perfectly suited for us. NASA hopes to use it to one day help astronauts work on distant and strange planets. An organization can dream. An organization can dream. Check the video of the special skelly in action below.