Narrative Clips Heading to Early Adopters In Time For Holidays


Long time readers of this site know that Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding sites, are a great way to get in on the ground floor of some super snazzy wearable tech. One setback in this grand bargain, however, is that these companies sometimes don’t deliver the goods on time. After all, they are quite often untested in the worlds of manufacturing and all of the odds and ends that go with that. Coming up with a good idea and finding a way to create 10,000 of said good idea are two different things.

One such company is Narrative with their cool looking Narrative Clip camera. The company said they’d be ready to float into consumer’s greedy little paws by March and here it is December and nary a peep, until now. They’ve announced today that they will be shipping these units to their early adopters by “this holiday season.” That’s there words, quoted because there are only a few scant weeks left in this holiday season. Some of you guys are about to be in for a treat, me thinks.

If you need a refresher course on what makes the Clip camera so cool, it’s wearable little camera that you clip anywhere on your body. The camera records video and is essentially a “lifecaster.” This means anywhere you go, the camera will go with you. Now you can show the world your POV as you sit on the toilet after eating those four burritos, ya filthy animal. In any event, we hope to have a review up for you shortly.