Narrative Clip to Ship November 1



A while back we introduced you wearable tech lovers to the Memeto, which was undergoing a Kickstarter campaign and was raising money to develop a small camera that would automatically snap shots of your day, with the goal of capturing memories and creating a kind of log of your life. Well it seems that the product is finally set to ship next month!

The Narrative Clip, which used to be called the Memeto but had to change their name due to copyright issues, was originally set to be shipped in February. Yes, over 8 months ago February. Well February came and went without any sign of the device actually shipping. Until now.

Having raised $550,000, well over the $50,000 goal, the reasoning behind the delay can only be put to the copyright issues involved with the name of Memeto, but the device is now set to ship on November 1st.

The device itself is only a 1 inch square, and captures a picture every 30 seconds. The pictures are 5 megapixels. A great feature is that the device can detect when it is clipped to your person, and will not capture images when it senses not being clipped. This is great for avoiding thousands of unwanted shots of pitch black while you’re sleeping.

The device also makes use of a GPS, allowing images to automatically be geotagged. These pictures can be browsed on an Android or iOS device upon being paired with it. You can also connect the device to your computer, at which point it automatically uploads all of the photos to the Narrative storage service, which will run you an extra $9 per month after the first year, which is free.

People still interested in the clip can preorder it now, with the shipping date of November 1 or soon after being true to these orders as well.