Napwell is the First Sleep Mask Designed For Naps


Sometimes you need a full night’s sleep, an eight hour respite from the drudgery of modern life. However, sometimes you just need a half hour respite from that same drudgery. That’s when you need a nap. However, it’s not always easy to catch just a few winks during daylight hours. There are constantly jackhammers going and, ugh, those birds chirping and, oh my, a baby screaming for no discernible reason(not to mention you feel really awful when you wake up.) In short, we need a simple piece of wearable tech that is actively designed to make naps easier to achieve. Well, don’t fall asleep on me, but it looks like we finally have it.

Introducing the Napwell, a mask that is designed to let you, uh, nap well. This obviously named sleeping mask brings some new ideas to the table, including a design that seeks to limit that horrible feeling when you wake up from a nap. Their solution? A mask that wakes you up gently, allowing you to once again become accustomed to the fact that you cannot fly and you did not just show up at your old middle school wearing just a towel. The mask has a built in timer and when it senses you should be woken up, the interior lights up to resemble a beautiful sunrise. Then you can wake up and get some stuff done, like polishing off a show or two on Netflix.

The Napwell isn’t out yet, so for now only cats can take their self-named naps. However, you can pre-order one via its Kickstarter page. One mask will set you back a very relaxed fifty bucks. They should ship in September.