NanoGlass from EmoPulse Will Blow Your Mind


Most of us have heard of EmoPulse, the company that brought us one of the coolest smart watches to date. But while they’ve certainly got a lot going for them in the field of wraparound screens and smartphones on your wrist, they’ve also got some other pretty cool gadgets up their sleeve. The NanoGlass is one such gadget, and quite cool by anyone’s standards. While it’s not exactly the top of the line on the excitement chart right now, it’s definitely worth taking a look at. So what is it?


Meet the NanoGlass

The NanoGlass connects to any standard pair of glasses to turn them into smart glasses. The device includes a 7 color LED light notification device. Because the LED light is made of optical fiber, it doesn’t obscure vision, which allows it to give notifications in different colors right from the side of your glasses. The strip uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your smartphone or tablet, and give you notifications for emails, texts, phone calls, and more. Because there are seven colors, you can set a different notification color for different contacts, different types of alerts, or different alerts for different items such as blue for Twitter and red for Gmail.

Because the clip on device works with three different types of glasses, and the LED strip works with all types of glasses, it’s a virtually invisible way to add smart alerts to your glasses. While it’s not extremely high tech, it’s a very cool thing to have for anyone who has glasses. Plus, you can add it to any of the glasses that you already own, so that you don’t have to go around looking like a cyborg or 90s cyber punk.

What’s the best part? You can add this smart addition to your glasses for just $25. When paired with other, new smart glass technology like the Geco Mark II, you could have a fully functioning pair of smart glasses for just $125, plus the cost of your frames. AND they’ll improve your vision too.

EmoPulse also claims that the battery will last from 3-12 months between charges, meaning that you can pretty much just forget it’s there, until the day when the battery dies. When it does, recharging is as simple as breaking out a microUSB cable and plugging it in to your nearest USB outlet.

Oh, and it’s waterproof.

So Where Do I Get One


EmoPulse is selling their nanoGlass smart glasses conversion kit for just $25 via their website. Unfortunately, because the EmoPulse Smile is getting so much hype, it’s difficult to find anything on their website other than the Smile. In fact, once you do find the nanoGlass, it’s even more difficult to find the ‘Buy it Now’ button.

While the EmoPulse NanoGlass is as basic as smart technology comes, it’s priced decently, quite cool to own, and will work on pretty much everything you could want an LED notification device on. For example, your computer monitor. Just don’t expect the glasses clips to work on anything but glasses. What do you think? Would you pay $25 for a social and message notification device? Or is that just too basic?